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Ryman Stationery

180 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8ZZ, United Kingdom | 020 7434 0172 | Website


Not accessible for wheelchair users - zero stars


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Although it's possible to get into the shop, the displays are so crammed together, that it's impossible to get around the shop. Instead of spending my money there, I gave up and left.

Transport & Parking


Green Park station is 0.8 miles away and fully step free, but check before you travel, the lifts at this station are notoriously and disgracefully unreliable. Tottenham Court Road station is much closer, and fully step-free (contact staff at the ticket barrier if you want to travel on the Central Line as they have to deploy a ramp manually), but check before you travel, the lifts at this station are notoriously and disgracefully unreliable. Many buses serve nearby Oxford Street. I don't know about parking in Soho.



Zero stars. The entrance is step free but once I was inside I was unable to progress any further. All the display units and items are crammed so closely together that I was totally unable to get around the shop. I gave up and left. Ryman's lost out - I was ready to spend quite a bit of money there but didn't.



This is not the sort of shop where you would expect to find a toilet.



Staff were sympathetic, and helped me to get OUT of the shop (I had got stuck between some display units) but I didn't feel they really understood why such a tightly-packed shop, inaccessible to wheelchair users, is (1) discriminatory (2) bad for business.

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I like the Ryman's chain very much, and I enjoy shopping and browsing in their shops. It's disappointing that this branch, which is for me the most convenient to visit, is so totally un-usable for me and wheelchair users in general. I won't be visiting this branch again, and Ryman's will not be benefitting from doing business with me.

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