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A Mixed Bag


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


Staff were friendly and aware of access issues but lack of crowd control, dim lights and no seating made this a mixed visit. Carer went free with no proof on this visit.

Transport & Parking


We arrived via London Waterloo Station which has step-free access. It is less than ten minutes walk from the station along mostly smooth paths and crossings with dropped curbs. There is not enough signage, though, if you do not know the route.



Physical access was OK. There are lifts to the main level, below street level. My daughter has mixed mobility and I decided to leave her wheelchair in the buggy park, near to the entrance, knowing that she would need a bit of carrying and rests. Unfortunately there is absolutely no purpose-built seating in the whole of the aquarium (some people sit on bits of the building or whatever). The busyness, lack of crowd control and dark also made it hard to get around, especially when carrying my daughter (aged 5) and hard for her to walk on her own as she is vulnerable to being knocked over.



I give them three stars as there were a couple of different points with toilets, including accessible toilets. But - I didn't use them or look in so not sure how well fitted they were.



Staff were friendly and aware of access issues but once you are in you get stuck for a while having a compulsory photo taken which they print up and attempt to sell you at the end. Staff could be much better employed in each area with some folding seating that they could offer people who might need it. Or effecting better crowd control. You exit somewhere different to entering and so we wandered about before going back to ask how to get the wheelchair back - better signage or support at the exit would be good.

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Folding seating would be good, or a rest area part way through. Lighting could be improved whilst maintaining the need for subdued lighting - perhaps more floor lighting, which would benefit everyone.

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