Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

21 New Globe Walk, London, SE1 9DT, United Kingdom | 020 7902 1400 | Website


For the love of Shakespeare


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Now I know the work of Shakespeare is not the easiest to understand, however, visit to the Globe Theatre is a must. The eloquently perform his work in a humorous and delightful way. I have visited the venue twice and each time have been blown away both by the surrounding theatre and performance.

Transport & Parking


There are nearby tube stations, and on street parking, and a taxi to take you straight to the door.



Access a simple, it is step free and there is an elevator inside. There are two options for people with disabilities, you can be amongst the crowd at the front of the stage on a platform (with the peasants) or you can be in a booth upon the side with a small number of other people. Though I have never been on the platform in front of the stage, there is something magical about being in the booth and I would highly recommend it. To get to the booth a member of staff will take you through a warren of passageways and a up a level in a list but the glory of this is that you pass through backstage.



Easily accessed toilets with ample room for manoeuvre.



Staff are fantastic, incredibly helpful. They take you to your location within the theatre, and check on you at the interval to save you having to go and wait for a drink's. As it is an open air theatre, it can get a little chilly so you do need to dress for the occasion, however, if it takes you by surprise, there are covers to snuggle up under and the staff will happily provide one.

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ah - great review - I was wondering about access at the Globe as I've been past it a few times... Planning a trip later this year so this is really helpful - thanks!

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