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Slessor Gardens

Slessor Gardens, Dundee, DD1 1AR, United Kingdom | 01382 434000 | Website


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Rita Ora concert



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Great area to have outdoor concerts, very central and plenty of space to move around crowds.

Transport & Parking


Due to this event being central in Dundee, there are plenty of car parks nearby mostly council car parks. Most of the roads right next to Slessor Gardens are closed however, I noticed all of the car parks are still open. When I was organising my tickets I got sent a PDF with accessibility information, including where accessible parking is. I got dropped off though and would recommend you do this too as the car parks are busy. The train station is right across the road from Slessor Gardens and has a taxi rank beside it. There are also taxi ranks more within the city centre and Dundee bus station is a 10 minute walk away. There are also lots of bus stops on mainly every street where buses visit regularly from all over Dundee and Angus.



I went to pick up my tickets a couple of hours before I was going into Slessor Gardens for the concert. There was a long queue beside the box office so I joined it as I thought other people were picking up their tickets, however after a few people the queue stopped moving. My helper went to ask if this was the queue for the box office and she got told it was. Overall we waited for about 20 minutes and when the gates opened to get into Slessor Gardens everyone just went in and didn't even go to the box office window. At that point I just zoomed over to the window. The box office window was very high for me sitting in my wheelchair, which meant that the lady in the box office couldn't hear what I was saying very well and I couldn't hear her. This meant that my helper had to talk for me which I feel takes away my independence. I mean my powerchair rises up but I didn't have time to do this and every wheelchair doesn't have this feature. The accessible seating area was excellent for the Rita Ora concert, you were sitting right at the front but towards the side a little. It was first come first serve for sitting closer to the front. Although I prefer to sit nearer the back as I like to wander around between acts and don't like having to ask people to move all the time when I want passed. I had the same problem at the bar like the box office window, however that was even higher. The overall space for walking around the concert area was very spacious. Of course I had to work my way around people, but it was easy to do. The ground was all smooth and there were no wire covers to struggle to get over. The area was on some roads which meant there were some high kerbs, but there were plenty of dipped kerbs.



There was an accessible portacabin toilet beside the accessible seating area. It was quite small inside and I can imagine it would be difficult for a wheelchair user and a carer to help transfer if needed. There is no Changing Places toilet that is open during the times of concerts at Slessor Gardens.



I did not really interact with many staff members due to the box office window and bar area being too high for me being in my wheelchair. The stewards were very friendly though and always said hello when you passed them.

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I would recommend going to see a concert at Slessor Gardens, although with it being an outdoor event be prepared for all weathers. I got soaked, had to leave early and didn't really see Rita Ora. Only her supporting acts.


Slessor Gardens Slessor Gardens Slessor Gardens Slessor Gardens Slessor Gardens Portaloo accessible toilet

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