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Spark York

17-21 Piccadilly, York, YO1 9PB, United Kingdom | 01904 000000 | Website

Spark, York


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I'll start by saying that Spark is a literal stack of shipping containers that they've somehow managed to make fully accessible. Gentrification at it's finest. The end facing the city centre (north, I think) is the accessible end. There is a slight bump to get onto the patio, which smoothly inclines into the area itself. It has one of those curtains made of plastic strips, but one end is left clear (which I only noticed after struggling through the strands of plastic). Once inside, all of the various stall are accessible from a wheelchair. Some of the counters are slightly high in places. Unbelievably, there is lift access to the top floor. Sadly the ramp to get on the bottom of the lift is way too steep for comfort & not for the faint of heart, but once you're up it's fine. It being a platform lift it did rather comically get stuck at the top. Staff were extremely responsive & got me back down within minutes, & were lovely about it all the while I quietly died with embarrassment. The staff attitude more than made up for the accessibility concerns.

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