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Specsavers Opticians

60 Main Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3AE, United Kingdom | 01236 427733 | Website


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Specksavers Coatbridge


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair


The shop is located in the pedestrian area of the Main St there are big double doors that allow easy access and there is lots of Space to move about in the store and the display stands are set out with great spacing between The store is well laid out with good signage for each are there is a mixture of seating types and staff will be happy to move seats out of the road to allow wheelchair in to space This also includes the rooms where the eye tests are done

Transport & Parking


There are a number of Blue Badge spaces just down the street from the shop this is to the left as you exit the shop there is also a car park in Church St however this is on a hill. In both these cases Blue Badge spaces fill up rather quickly and are never empty for long during peek periods during the day. The Asda Store about car park is about 10 mins away however there is a time limit on this area



Access is very good there is a power assist button for the doors as you enter and as you leave the store. The store is all on one level and there is lots of space to move around if you are in a wheelchair. All the main parts of your eye test can be done from your wheelchair if required the waiting area has bench type seats but there is room sit next to this in a wheelchair. Some of the classes on display might be to high for you to reach but staff will be on hand to assist you anyway if require new glasses as a result of your test.



There is No Customer Toilet in store however there is automatic self cleaning toilet around 40 meter on the Main St to the left as you exit the store this is at the end of the Blue Badge Parking area on the Main st This can be opened using a Radar Key



All of the staff in store from the opticians to the staff who do pre testing etc. are very friendly and helpful they. They are also very knowledgeable about the job they do. They are happy to assist people as much as we can while choosing new frames etc

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This store also does hearing tests however we did not review this area during our visit to the store


This is the store on Main St Coatbridge This is the area to left of the store as you exit that has Blue Badge Parking This is a view looking up Church St where there is also a car park however is on a hill. the Car park is about half way up on the right hand side of the road

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