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Dundee kingsway, Dundee, DD2 4SW, United Kingdom

Summer drinks


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Spacious accessible Starbucks café outwith the city centre of Dundee.

Transport & Parking


There are about 4 accessible parking spaces outside Starbucks. I’m not too sure where the closest bus stops are but, there are buses that come from the city centre of Dundee. The train station is about a 10/15 minute drive away.



To enter Starbucks there is no automatic button to open the door and the door is also quite heavy. Inside it is very spacious and as you go in the counter is straight forward. We looked at the menus on the wall before we ordered but, I feel it was very hard to read because the writing was quite small and the light was shing on it from the doorway because it was quite a sunny day. When we went to order our drinks I found that the counter was too high for me in my wheelchair. The glass display cabinet for the cakes and sweet treats is at a good height but, where the till is doesn’t have much visibility for customers and staff to see each other. It is hard to explain so, please see the image below. It is quite spacious between the tables and they are mostly all at a great height to easily reach your drink. Of course some of the tables are a bit lower for sofa chairs.



I would say the accessible toilet is the best thing at this Starbucks. It is very spacious, clean and the emergency red cord was hanging freely. Although you can only really transfer on to the toilet at the right-hand side because it is nearer the wall at the other side. The only thing would be is that the doors were quite heavy to open, there was a toilet to get into the main toilet area and then a door to get into the accessible toilet. I’m not sure where the closest Changing Place toilet is.



I wouldn’t say the staff were really friendly when I visited. We stood near the entrance until we decided what we wanted but, when we did get to the till no staff members acknowledged us for a couple of minutes when we were the only customers at the till. Finally when they started to serve us they only spoke to my helper. When my helper told the staff member that it was me that was ordering, she still spoke to my helper. I think at first it was because of the height of the counter but, I feel the second time was more rudeness. Finally I got to order my drink myself.

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This Starbucks has a drive-thru attached.


Image of the outside of Starbucks. Image of me sitting at the counter of Starbucks. Image of one of the seating areas showing space between tables. Image of another seating area. Image of the accessible toilet.

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