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Jubilee Sailing Trust, 12 Hazel Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 7GA, United Kingdom | +44(0)23 8044 9108 | Website


An accessible ship for adventurers



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Long Cane, Symbol Cane, Walking Aid, Wheelchair


STS Lord Nelson is a custom designed ship to support the integration of disabled and non-disabled sailors alike. The accessible features on board, coupled with the enthusiastic nature of the staff and volunteers, makes for a terrific and unique experience. No two voyages are the same and this review is a summary review of all my experiences on board. Features include four accessible toilets on board (two on deck and two 'down below), numerous bed hoists and height-adjustable beds, stair lifts throughout to all levels, height-adjustable tables and chairs, wheelchair ascender devices (to support wheelchair users to climb the mast), tactile markings, audio compass, hearing loops, and clear signage (I've probably forgotten something!). As well as all of that, the deck layout of the ship is designed so that every 'job' on board is accessible at wheelchair user height. I found that the staff and volunteers on board have a 'can do' attitude and people focus on what you can do rather than what you can't. I've seen everyone from wheelchair users and quadruple amputees climb the mast, along with visually impaired and hearing impaired people too. I love the JST experience as it made me feel truly free. This isn't a sailing 'holiday' as you're part of running the ship, so you're involved with everything from helming and sail setting to cooking and cleaning. Not for the faint hearted or for those who love sitting by a pool! One thing worth noting - and the reason it's 4.5/5 and not 5 - is that neither of the JST's ship can accommodate power chairs at present.

Transport & Parking


The disabled access depends on where the ship is berthed, but the JST always try to ensure that if there is no accessible parking then accessible transport is near and/or the ship is easy to get to with step free access. It's worth noting that getting to the ship may involve a fast boat ride if she's anchored!



Very good, but cannot accommodate power chairs.



Make no mistake, you'll be helping to clean them at some point, but they're good!



As with any experience with a high staff ratio, people can be people and some are better than others, but on the whole they all have the right attitude.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

JST voyages are some of the best I've ever done and 90% of the experience is about the people you sail with rather than the sailing itself.


A wheelchair user climbing the mast. Helming for visually impaired people. A wheelchair user rigged to go aloft. Having fun aloft!


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