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Sightseer - Chapter 5

Big improvements at Summerhall



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Summerhall has recently been busy working on some new developments to increase access for everyone. It's now possible to enjoy even more of the curious places and spaces!

Transport & Parking


Served by a variety of bus routes both along the main road and in nearby streets it fairly easy to get to Summerhall from the centre of the city. Lothian Buses operate a fleet of assorted buses which have wheelchair access.



The access of my visit was much better than some previous visits. Wheelchair access is much better as you follow the large clear signs around to the side entrance. The once tricky ninety degree manoeuvre off the pavement and into the courtyard is no longer. A lovely wide concrete ramp leads you off the raised pavement and gently down in to the courtyard area. From here you cross the courtyard and use the ramp to climb up on to the patio style area and in to the main building. Once inside you can visit the cafe and the galleries and performance spaces. An elderly but reasonably spacious lift takes you to the upper floors. If you're visiting the Dissection Room you can now use the bright new platform lift to get down in to the room instead of the old wooden ramp that could be a little challenging. Generally, there's plenty of space in the building and it's easy to move around and enjoy your visit.



There are a couple of accessible toilets. Once is small and compact and the other is a beautifully spacious room with enough space for a party! The larger accessible loo wins every time as there's so much turning space and plenty of room if you need a carer or PA to help.



As always, the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff make for an enjoyable visit.

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The difference the new access changes has made is notable and visitors should disregard the older reviews. Go along and give it a try!

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