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I was given the opportunity to go Tall Ship sailing on the Tenacious, which was organised by Robbie Crow and Euan's Guide for me to experience sailing on the Tall ship. I have done some sailing in the past but never on the scale of the Tall Ship. It was an experience to say the least which I would recommend to anyone to have a go if you ever get the chance.

Transport & Parking


I used public transport as much as possible from getting the bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh airport and flew direct to Gran Canaria. Again once I got to Gran Canaria I used the public transport from the airport to where the ship was berthed. The bus in Gran Canaria was spotless compared the First bus. I could have got a taxi but I wanted to check out the local transport.



The ship is accessible to wheelchairs, but sadly not power chairs, blind, amputees etc etc. Once you get a rope tied onto your chair up and pulled onto the ships deck there is lifts to all the decks. I was assigned an assistant to help me if I needed.



There was four accessible toilets / shower rooms on board the ship, which was an experience once we were at sea.



The crew on board the ship consisted of the captain and permanent crew who taught and showed us the volunteer crew what to do. The crew were very good at teaching us the ropes and safety while we were at sea.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

Just as I said at the start if you ever get a chance to have a go I would recommend it. I apologise for taking so long to write this review as I was waiting for photos to be sent to me. I have received some and I will add more when and if I receive anymore from the rest of the crew.


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