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53-55 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA, United Kingdom | 0161 832 3233 | Website
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Teacup kitchen Manchester


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Teacup kitchen overall was an accessible establishment, the entrance was wide and spacious enabling easy access into the cafe seating area. The cafe was large with plenty of space between tables to accommodate wheel chair users. There was a disabled toilet which was large and well equipped. Overall I would give Teacup kitchen 4 stars as it has high standard facilities for disabled customers.

Transport & Parking


There was parking facilities as the cafe is situated in the centre of Manchester.



The entrance of the cafe is spacious with double doors and a flat surface allowing safe and easy access into the cafe. As you enter the counter is in-front of you with the main seating area to the right this narrowed the path into the cafe yet it was not inaccessible.



The toilets were situated next to the counter and had 2 toilet cubicals and a large disabled toilet which was spacious with a wide low handled door. The toilet had 2 rails either side of the toilet and on the walls towards the toilet, there was plenty of space within the toilet to accommodate wheel chair users.



The staff were helpful and friendly and provided great customer service.


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