The Black Horse Inn The Black Horse Inn

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The Black Horse Inn

Pilgrims Way, Maidstone, ME14 3LD, United Kingdom | 01622 737185 | Website

Accessible inn with accommodation


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This historic pub is accessible and has accommodation too, in four family rooms with adapted bathrooms. The pub is accessed around the back via a brick path. There is outside seating but it didn't look like any of it was actually wheelchair accessible. Inside, there is level access to part of the pub and an accessible loo. The tables had a central post so I couldn't get as close as I would have liked in my chair. The staff were pleasant and efficient and the food was pretty good, breakfast too, with plenty of choices of cooked stuff plus toast, fruit and yogurt. There is a reception building outside the pub but this was shut when we arrived so my partner went into the pub which was really busy as it was Sunday lunchtime The bar is not in the accessible part of the pub. It's probably better not to turn up at lunchtime, although the staff were very helpful despite being so busy.

Transport & Parking


Plenty of parking, including opposite the rooms. They aren't proper 'disabled' bays but may have been designated for residents - can't remember - but you could also park right outside the rooms. Carpark had rather a slope to it.



You can enter the back of the pub via a brick pathway which leads all the way from the lower carpark by the rooms if you want to avoid going through the carpark. There is outside seating but none of it looked wheelchair accessible.



Sorry, didn't use the pub loo but the bathroom in the accommodation was OK if you don't need too many grabrails - I would have preferred some more. There was just one to the right of the loo and the left of the shower seat as you sat on them. (See photos) There were two sinks, one lower than the other.



Pleasant and efficient .

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Easy to find, convenient place to stay.


You can park opposite or outside the rooms There are 4 accessible family rooms Shower and lower level basin Image for review "Accessible inn with accommodation" Path to the pub from the carpark Easy ramp and level access

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