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The Black Sheep in Dublin


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In my humble opinion, The Black Sheep is one of the most perfect pubs in Dublin. Although it closes circa 1am, up until that point you can enjoy a gigantic range of craft beers, tasty food and a fine selection of board games. Its sister pub, Against The Grain on Wexford St., is also heavy in its deliverance of delicious booze and food. Take note of these two venues if ever you've got the hankering for a solid platter and a ice cold pint of heaven.

Transport & Parking


Capel Street has a number of wheelchair parking spots to avail of.



The chairs are all moveable (other than the low-slung couches that are perfect for hiding away in) and the tables are a good height for a wheelchair. The front entrance has double doors and can be a bit tricky to navigate but their side doors are wider and much easier to use. The only thing that can delay your way to a pint would be the crowds. It gets quite busy at the weekends but it's a nice crowd.



They have a wheelchair bathroom at the back of the bar (next to the board game table). It requires a reverse job in as the door opens inwards but it is big.



Sound as a pound. They'll give you a hand choosing which beer you want and any other help you may need.

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