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The Canmore House Bar & Restaurant

25 Canmore Street, Dunfermline, KY12 7NU, United Kingdom | 01383 738615 | Website


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Went to Canmore House with my mate for a bite of Lunch, at first we were sat in the marquee outside and then the owner Barry came out and asked us if we would like a table indoors, as the weather was a bit un predictable we went indoors. the waitress who served us was lovely and Both She and Barry led us indoors through a side entrance, we went into a back restaurant area which was lovely and very welcoming. Plenty of room to get in with my manual wheelchair. they had the menus to us within seconds and we were very pleased with the selection. if you like seafood Veggie or indeed if you are a carnivore then there is something on the menu for everyone. we chose the Tapas and were amazed that the food was with us within 10-15 mins. the servings were generous and tasted wonderful and I would recommend trying the Scallop and Black pudding YUM!!!!!!!!! the Tapas menu was great and you could mix and match exactly what you wanted 3 servings for £14 was great value.

Transport & Parking


There are ample public car parks within a 5 min walk to Canmore House, not having used public transport to get to the restaurant I am not 1005 sure of where exactly the bus stops are but I can say they are 10 mins from the Centre of Dunfermline high street walking and about the same from Dunfermline town train station although you may want to get a taxi from the train station and I am sure that buses will pass on the street in front of Canmore house, it is 3 mins away from the Alhambra theatre



There are steps at the front entrance to the building but if you phone in advance which is what the owner Barry asked me to do in future they will have the side entrance prepared for wheel chair access. they could not have been more welcoming and obliging when helping us into the restaurant. my only problem and this is not Canmore houses fault is with the pavements on route to and from the car park, Fife Council really need to address this problem and soon as every couple of yards there is a raised drain cover or a patch of Tarmac missing. we manged it but my mate is still young fit and healthy I have friends who would have had to use the road to get there. also the dropped kerbs on route were anything but in fact we crossed th road on the way back thinking it looked smoother and there was no dropped kerb meaning my carer had to reverse me down



Not having used the toilets I am unable to comment on them, but if the standard of work that has been carried out else where within the building then I can only imagine they will be excellent.



The waitress who first met us was most accommodating moving and removing furniture to get me in to the table we chose, then Barry came out and led us inside. the service was excellent and we were asked if we needed anything else on a few occasions. in fact just the right amount of attention was given to our requirements, I hate when you go for a meal and a chat and you spend more time talking to the waiter or waitress the word overkill springs to mind. Canmore house have their level of attentiveness set just right for me the service we received was amazing.

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Track and trace bar codes on every table, Hand gel at the entrances and all staff wearing masks.

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