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The Dr. Martens Store

76 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2DF, United Kingdom | 0131 220 1599 | Website

accessible shoe shopping


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Dr. Martens, the iconic shoe brand, opened a store on Edinburgh's Princes Street in August 2013. I hobbled through the city with some friends yesterday and did not realise what the shop had done until I saw the changing room (see picture) - loads of space, hand rails to hold onto, collapsible chair. I checked the front door and indeed, there is a proper (tiled) ramp which is flush with the side walk! Awesome! The path to the changing room might be a bit narrow and accessibility is not advertised, so 4 stars rather than 5. Also, not all staff were aware that their changing room is accessible.

Transport & Parking


The shop is on Princes Street - no parking there.



Ramp into shop, wide doors, sufficient space between most displays, accessible changing room in the far left - might be a bit narrow for a wheel chair to pass between sofa and register.



no toilets



one perfect and well aware of the benefits of the ramp and changing room. One blissfully unaware of any accessibility issues.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

It would be worth featuring the accessibility on their web site and also to train staff.


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