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The Duke Of Wellington

77 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6QA, United Kingdom | 02074391274


Sometimes excellent accessibility, at other times really difficult


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If you are there when the doorman is on duty, then you'll have no trouble getting in, as he knows exactly where the ramp is and how to deploy it, and will deploy it instantly for you. But if there's no doorman on duty and you have to rely on bar staff, you will be in for trouble. You have to get their attention from outside (not easy) and some of them don't have a clue how to deploy the ramp correctly. The manager has not trained them properly. Awful.

Transport & Parking


Nearest step-free tube station is Green Park. Buses will drop you off a couple of blocks away in Shaftesbury Avenue.



Apart from problems with the ramp mentioned above, and problems with the toilet mentioned below, accessibility is OK.



Three stars lost here for an otherwise *excellent* accessible toilet, because the staff often store big boxes and packing cases in the accessible toilet, not realising that the space in such a toilet is *not* spare, but is needed for wheelchair manoeuvring. Sometimes you can't even get inside the toilet because of all the stuff they store inside, right by the door! This is really terrible. And the accessible toilet door opens outwards onto another busy door, leading to frequent door-crashes.



The staff are generally helpful and friendly, but they get only two stars because of their really silly habit of storing big items in the accessible toilet, and because some of them just can't cope with the wheelchair ramp.

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The music is usually much too loud.

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