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No concept of disability needs


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With family members I spent 4 nights in Lodge 62, a self-catering lodge on 2 levels, with the living area upstairs. The self-catering provision is pretty good, albeit less than perfect given the microwave is up high and difficult to use both for that reason and because it is also an oven and I ended up with plastic box soup because the lid melted while the soup stayed cold. (Instructions there were but these were less than easy to follow.) It is the case that there are single-level lodges, which might have made things a bit easier, but by the time one of our party had confirmation of time off work only a split-level lodge was available. It is also the case that someone asked on the website at "Are all the properties accessible?" The response was: "Most properties have at least 2 steps into the property, some properties can be fitted with ramps. This can be checked on the website in the availability section when clicking on the lodge name in blue. If you have any specific requirements please check before booking." Fair enough - as far as this goes. However, smokers were automatically catered for - with a total of 4 ashtrays provided. Young children were catered for; Lodge 62 had a cot, a high chair and a safety gate for the top of the stairs. However, there wasn't a single disability friendly feature, such as a hand grip in the shower or a decent banister for the stairs and the three toilets were low. Moreover, when booking, mention was made that one of the party is disabled, an enquiry being made about the possibility to hire a rollator. One can loan a wheelchair, apparently, but there is no way a wheelchair user could have managed (and nor was my rollator of use). Even for someone like myself, who can walk a little but I'm unsteady on my feet, there were steps to access the lodge that were unsafe and the stairs inside were equally unsafe. Langdale is really expensive so shame on the operators for their failure to cater for disabled persons. It was so bad, I was reluctant to do anything for fear of falling. One night I did venture forth to go to one of the pubs on the edge of the estate. This involved a lot more walking than was strictly necessary, given there wasn't a direct route, meaning one had to follow a tortuous route. So, a good ten minutes after setting out I found myself back near the lodge.

Transport & Parking


Each lodge has adequate parking. However, when going to Reception to check in, the parking there was abysmal. I didn't see any disabled parking. Except one has a bus pass, the fare on the bus from Ambleside is extortionate - £4.40 for a single 15-minute journey. (This whole experience is for people with money!)



There wasn't any. Ramps can be put in place on some lodges.



There may have been one in the Leisure Centre but I felt too unsure to go there.



The woman who checked us in saw that I am disabled but it made no impression. The Estate is supposed to be AA 5-star rated - but not by disabled standards.

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