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Natural History Museum isn't very good for wheelchair users


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Hello, firstly a little about me! I am a full time wheelchair user due to paralysis and chronic illness, therefore I cannot stand or get out of my chair. I visited the Natural History Museum in Kensington this weekend and I was very excited to go, as it was my first ever time. I was quickly disappointed however, as half of the museum I couldn't even access as some of the lifts were broken. I then went to ask some other disabled people who had been here and apparently these lifts are constantly broken. Another issue I faced was the displays being quite high up, so therefore I couldn't read the information. However the blue badge parking was good, although you do have to book it as there is only around 5 spots. The toilets were okay, however the one in the baby changing area was quite dirty and didn't look like it had been cleaned properly, but I did use other ones and they were okay. Overall, it was an okay trip, but it was ruined for me due to the lack of accessibility. One positive was how lovely the staff were though!

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There are blue badge spots, however you have to book them as there is only around 5 spots. Its not clearly signposted either of how to get there.







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