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The Scotch Whisky Experience

354 Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH12NE, United Kingdom | 01312200441 | Website


I was blown away by how accessible the tour is


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Many places use the fact that they are within a listed building as an excuse however the Scotch Whisky Experience have gone above and beyond to make this beautiful building fully accessible. The first part of the tour involves you going into a whisky barrel and travelling through the process of whisky making. There is one barrel each tour that is accessible for wheelchair user and one of the companions. This barrel slips of the rules to the side and a small list takes the wheelchair user to the barrel and all you have to do is reverse in, it's that simple. The next part of the tour takes you to a cinematic room where you learn about the whiskys in different regions of Scotland and you have a rub and sniff card to give you an idea of the ingredients and the scents that you may pick up if you try one of these whiskys. You then go into a room that has a square table and talk more about the regional whiskys. This is where you get to pick the whiskey he would like to try based on all the knowledge of picked up through tour. The staff kindly pour this for you into a delightful little glass, which is a gift to you from them, and then you go into another room filled wall-to-wall with bottles of historic and beautiful coloured whiskeys from through the ages. This is where the staff teach you how to appreciate the whisky you have been given, from the scent to the taste. The whole experience is one I would highly recommend for anyone who is visiting Scotland or if you're from Edinburgh, it is well worth a visit.

Transport & Parking


There is ample parking around the Royal Mile, parked on Chambers Street next to the museum however this might not be practical if you have difficulty walking.



Access is through a short step free corridor and into what is an incredible experience.



The disabled toilet is fully accessible, however it is made smaller by very large sink. It is still usable by a wheelchair user. This



The staff are incredible, they are friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make the experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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