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Sightseer - Chapter 5

Not sure what was expected


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The Hotel is set on several floors and looks over Waverley railway station.

Transport & Parking


The hotel does not have any car parking but it is close to the car parking facilities at Waverley railway station. Buses and taxis pass along the North Bridge and the bus stops are a short distance from the hotel entrance.



To get in the building I had to wheel my powerchair up a ramp to the side of the main entrance steps. Then a set of double swing doors had to be opened; luckily I had a companion who could help. Once inside the reception was toward the rear of a lounge area. Moving around the hotel the older lift was rather tight and the newer lift temperamental. I did not get as far as visiting an accessible bedroom; if there are any. Equally I did not get to see the dining room. The hotel does have some conference rooms which could be described as accessible.



The accessible toilet was well appointed and would be spacious. Due to its use as a baby changing facility and a portable changing bench block access it was not accessible to me.



The staff were polite.

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The hotel might want to take a look at the visitor journey for disabled guests.


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