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The Symphony Hall

Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA, United Kingdom | 0121 780 3333 | Website
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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair


The venue is very wheelchair friendly with smooth access and ramps where ever one needs to go. The Symphony is home to the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra which is one of the finest orchestras around ANYWHERE. They have a wonderful young lady music director /conductor who brings out a fantastic sound from the musicians. The auditorium has one of the best acoustics in the world. The set up s good for the disabled with special concessions and a reasonable amount of spaces for wheelchairs. There are places for refreshments. There is a Strada restaurant within the complex. As well a s classical music there are shows by all types of entertainers.

Transport & Parking


I drove to the venue and am very lucky to have won a draw that they have to distribute the limited disabled parking places they have on site. On the public parking, there are about 7/8 on road disabled spaces, and a similar number in the Cambridge Road multi story car park. This car park is ok but the parking is on a slope making transfers a bit tricky and there is a gap between the car park paving and the main pavement which is just right for dropping a wheel down. From Multi story to venue is ok . Have parked across town a bit at the Mailbox and caught a taxi there and back..Venue is served by buses that go along Broad Street. There is considerable disruption as there are major building projects on going.



Once parked every where is very accessible in a wheelchair.



There are several loos around the site - need radar key or ask for help. Very clean and good quality.



The staff are really excellent- really helpful, thoughtful and kind. A young lady (Loran) a student helping with tickets etc who helped my wife who was having difficulty with her Parkinson's, despite the pouring rain she gently helped my wife to the car and put my wheelchair in the back. Really excellent!! The staff generally have always been excellent. Lots of EXCELLENTS but deserved!!

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The music performed is really very much the best one can get. The area for me to sit in my chair is at the back of the stalls with superb acoustics and vista. There are generous discounts for the disabled and their carers.

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