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Disabled Access Day 2017

Sunday 12th March 10am-4pm: Disabled Access Day at the University of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ

An exciting day highlighting the improved accessibility of UEA, the SportsPark, and Norwich attractions.

  • Free “Come and try it” sessions and demonstrations of disabled sport at the SportsPark.
  • Try out the new hoist in the swimming pool.
  • Try out getting on and off a bus or taxi ramps. Get your mobility scooter pass for the buses.
  • See demonstrations of fire evacuation chairs in Union House.
  • Get 10% of food in Zest all day. Zest will be having a quiet hour.
  • Visit stands hosted by our student societies, disability services companies, and local attractions in Union House.
  • Listen to talks from Disabled Go, Tom Shakespeare and Joan Latta in Union House.
  • Take tours of the Library, and visit accessible rooms in Broadview Lodge and Student accommodation.
  • Use our Nap Nook in Union House to recharge your batteries.
  • Visit the Student Union Shop who will be having a quiet hour.
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