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43-47 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BB, United Kingdom | 0113 242 8094 | Website

Veritas Bar


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair


There are two entrances into Veritas. One of the entrances is a single, manual door that leads into a tight, right-angled corridor, followed shortly by another similar door. This entrance leads into a space where tables and chairs have just enough room to move between them and are all at a good height for wheelchair access, but because there are two steps leading from this area to the main area, the bar and toilets cannot be accessed without leaving the building and using the other entrance. The other entrance is two double-doors very close together. The first set opens inwards and must close behind you before the second set, which open toward you, can be opened. This is a very tight space which not much room to manoeuvre a wheelchair. However, this leads into the area which is on the same level as the bar and toilets. Some of the tables are high but the majority are of a reasonable height for wheelchair access. The bar itself is high with no lowered areas, which can make purchasing drinks tricky.

Transport & Parking


There is some car parking available down the road but this tends to be full, so a blue badge may be needed to park on double yellow lines. There is a bus stop very close by, and the train station is also nearby. The pavement is slightly sloped but relatively smooth, but unfortunately only has one curb drop nearby which can make crossing the road, particularly at peak times, very difficult.





The disabled bathroom is through a manual door to one side of the bar; on the left is the disabled stall, and on the right the steps leading down to the other toilets. The disabled cubicle needs a radar key, which can be obtained from the bar if you don’t have one yourself. The bathroom itself has grab rails and emergency pull cords, but is very small and difficult to manoeuvre larger, powered wheelchairs around.



The staff are fairly friendly and helpful, although they have a lack of awareness around disabled needs which indicates a lack of training and experience in these matters.

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