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Victoria and Albert Museum

Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL, United Kingdom | 020 7942 2766 | Website


Bit of a maze but a good day out


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Wet winter afternoon, perfect for another London museum! Went round what I think was most of it, even following the map I got easilly lost but that's just through lack of concentration! Staff all very helpful.

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London, buses are always no real drama in my experience.



Use the map to make sure you're not going to get caught out by steps lurking round the corner. Everything is well signedposted and displays are at a good eye level mainly. Personally it would be good if the lifts had more space (often full) but i guess it is hard to do in a historic building like this. One or two heavy doors around some of the gallerys and as they're glass you can't really ram them with your footplates either!



The toilets are average really. Went all the way to one end of the building to find out of order. Most double up for baby changing so are well used, most also no key required. I thought the doors to get in to the toilet areas could do with a "power assist" function too. Red buttons instead of red cords feature a lot, saves it being tied up i guess!



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