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126 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5EA, United Kingdom | 020 7 834 1170 | Website


Wonderful access, staff and show


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Symbol Cane, Walking Aid, Mobility Scooter


It was 2.10pm We were at the theatre There were crowds everywhere Mike went to tell them we had arrived Rachel waited with me Another lovely person appeared out of the crowd Asking what I could see and how close he should stay so I could see him. He parted the crowds as he took us around the side to the accessible entrance. He showed us to our seats and was really careful that I was comfortable and then arranged for the scooter to be safely stored. The show was spectacular I couldn't see a huge amount But I could follow the actor playing Billy Elliott when he was dancing his solos Wow!! At the end we thought we'd have to wait for the scooter But as the final curtain fell for the final time There was the same guy With my scooter Ready to help us leave The most wonderful, accessible experience.

Transport & Parking


The theatre is really close to Victoria train station but there's loads of roadworks so it's chaos. However we used a taxi from Paddington station and this was a great way to travel and the driver found a really good place to drop us off.



The disabled access is round the side and the theatre staff were amazing at taking us round and clearing the crowds and helping us to our seats.



Really clearly signed and clean and spacious.



Everyone we met was helpful and interested in making sure we had a good experience and generally lovely

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Brilliant all round!


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