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The trekking centre has a 3 bedroom holiday cottage which is suitable for wheelchair users. There is a double bedroom, a wet floor shower room, kitchen and sitting room on the ground level. There are two additional bedroom upstairs with two more bathrooms. The lower level is easy to move around in a wheelchair and the kitchen has lowered surfaces. The cottage is literally in the centre of everything so there are stables directly opposite and a barn with horses in it to the side. During the day it is a hive of activity, literally outside your window.Despite this it feels private but some people might not like this. Everyone was very friendly. It isn't possible to park directly beside the cottage but the car park is nearby, although I needed help to be pushed to my car. The centre also organise riding for the disabled but I didn't look into this. Wellow is a 10 min drive to the edge of Bath along a narrow country road. The park and ride is at the end of this road and is fully accessible. If you like horses , you will love it but even if you don't, this is a great cottage and has good access to Bath and the surrounding area.

Transport & Parking


You can't park directly beside the cottage. There is a large car park which is fairly close but I couldn't push myself to it and others in my group helped. Would be easy enough in an electric chair.



Very easy to access. There is a ramp at the front door and once inside it is very easy to manoeuvre on the ground level



There is a very large wet floor shower with a toilet that has rails. There was a shower seat but no rails at the shower



Around if needed and friendly

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This is a unique setting which I loved because I like horses, but may not suit everyone. Those in the holiday cottage can book hacks or riding lessons. There is also riding for the disabled but I didn't look into this. There is WiFi but it was a bit slow and limited. The wheelchair accessible facilities are amoung the best I've been in.


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