Westminster Underground Station Westminster Underground Station

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Westminster Underground Station

Westminster Station London Underground Ltd, London, SW1A 2JR, United Kingdom | Website

When the lifts are out, which is often, you're stuffed


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In theory the whole station is accessible. There can be long walks but it's doable without steps. The reality is the lifts are very unreliable. They're out more often than any other underground station in London. When there are planned outages, they work out ways round if possible. Unplanned outages: not so much so. See https://youtu.be/O8OIVKZrglc

Transport & Parking


Three no disabled parking. Disabled access by public transport is theoretically good...



The lifts are very unreliable and when they are out, their information provision and also communication is very broken.



It's just outside the entrance by the pier. It is radar locked



They had given 0 instructions as to how to access the station. They tried to describe it to my carer, instead of showing us.

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All the planning in the world is pointless if when things alter the plans are just forgotten about.


The broken lift at the main entrance The steps and the broken lift at the main entrance  Instructions for alternative access whilst the lift is out The non-open alternative entrance on Canon Row The route to actually get in to the station


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