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Ticks the boxes but not really wheelchair friendly


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Although on the face of it the White Rose Center is disabled friendly, it is not. It provides the bare minimum required under regulations and the food court is designed in such a way it is impossible to use if you are in a wheelchair. There is no enforcement of disabled parking spaces so you need to get there early if you want one. Disabled toilets double as baby changing rooms so cross your legs and hope you do not have to wait too long. It is when you go to the food court that your problems start. Firstly there are only two small lifts. Expect a wait as families with prams have to use them too. When you finally get up there they have walled in seating sections for each outlet. These are far too small and have lots of tables and chairs crammed in. There is no space to get a wheelchair between them. Rarely any spare tables and chairs anyway. If you do manage to get a free one and get everyone to move so you can get to it. There is no space to position your wheelchair. Avoid

Transport & Parking


Good number of spaces are provided but its rare to find one free. No enforcement so it is abused.



The actual shopping center is flat with no stairs (apart from some shops which have an upstairs and no lift) but there are only two lifts to the food court and these are very small so expect a wait. The food court is laid out in such a way it is nearly impossible to get to a seat if you have a wheelchair/scooter/anything larger than a walking stick



They have about two or three of these in the shopping center. They have baby changing in too so expect a wait. Although they are clean they are very out dated and need to be replaced.



Cleaning staff are very friendly and helpful. Shop staff vary by shop

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The food court used to be laid out well with tables spread over a large space. Now everything is hemmed into little walled areas and it is impossible to use.

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White Rose is my 'go to' place and your review is SO wrong. There are separate baby-changing places and there is no doubling with disabled toilets! Any shop which has an upstairs also has a lift! I use a mobility scooter and have never had a problem with using a lift in a shop (M&S, Primark, New Look) as well as the 2 lifts in the middle of the centre. The disabled bays used to be checked over by a separate company which is no longer the case. I find that dis bays are still respected (I always park outside Sainsbury) .......... definitely more respected than most shopping blue badge parking bays. No, I'm not a staff member but have always been so impressed by the disability consideration!

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