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Accessible and great B, VI and PS Tour.


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For a historical building, visitor attraction and fully functioning Church this a delight to visit. As I am profoundly VI, I contacted York Minster about visiting, I was passed to a member of their Visitor Services Team who explained everything they could about a VI person visiting the Minster. The time, explanation and details taken and given were exceptional. I stated I was arriving by train and booked me a slot to coincide for my tour with my arrival and departure, as they could see me approaching the main entrance I was warmly welcomed and assisted through the entrance bypassing the queue that was there. I was introduced to my guide who had a B, VI, and PS pack available - I had already asked for the ordinary tour the a B, PS, VI tour to fully appreciate and note the differences. Although there was a charge of £10.00 the concession price was £9.00. Both tours were tremendously well done, the guide used her skills of clear explanations and the touch sensory aspects match brilliantly which contributed to a visualisation of what was around me. Wood carvings, masonry, marbles and the windows that were out of sight , touch and reach were supplemented by 3 D touch floor building and plan with a Braille explanation and electronic pen that was a audio guide that told of what the pen touch on all in a A4 size folder and bag with touch directions for each solid board of the book that made up the guide. There are also full explanations on the tracery and windows for anyone to use in computer screen form with a zoom in and out with a detailed explanation.. There is an extensive, accessible shop that covers the fabric, widows and masonry of the Minster it is well throughout and is not cluttered and difficult to navigate round.

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I used train return from Edinburgh, the Minster by walking with a cane was only 10 minutes from the Train Station, York is so compact that once you leave the Minster you have the rest of old town on your doorstep.



As with any medieval building, city or environment you can only do so much to achieve complete accessibility. The modifications that the City of York has and Minster are excellent, but of course being profoundly VI I can only explain how positive, friendly people were in offering support, even though I aspire to be as independent as possible. In shops I really like that when people spotted the Cane, they asked if they could be of assistance, gave great explanation and contactless payment provision was universal.



I did not use these facilities in the Minster or in York but they were clearly marked, staff and members of the public offered help if I passed by or where close to one.



Attentive, welcoming, thoughtful, friendly and eager to offer and provide additional support in any way.

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Just a excellent venue which has really thought through inclusion and accessibility as much as they can.

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