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15, Cardinal Place Shopping Centre, London, SW1E 5JE, United Kingdom | 020 7821 0402 | Website


Really terrible access


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Symbol Cane, Walking Aid, Mobility Scooter


I had researched restaurants locally and liked the look of the layout of Zizzi. I had rung to book and was told to use the online system. I told them I used a mobility scooter and they again directed me online. So I booked online. Can you guess what happened when we arrived? Once we managed to negotiate the double entrance doors .. It's impossible for wheelchair or scooter users to push one, get through and then pull the other on their own. We were met with a man who demanded "have you reserved?". "Yes, online." "You can't bring THAT (scooter) in here, there's no room" "I can't leave it outside, and it folds when we're sat" "You should have rung and arranged an accessible table" "I did! And I was told to book online!" "well there's no room to get through" "do you talk to every disabled person like that?" "we don't get many" There you have it! But we needed food, so we found a way and we enjoyed our meal. But no tip was left!

Transport & Parking


We took the train and a taxi which was easy. I don't know about parking.



Really hard to access the building and too many tables to allow Wheelchairs to negotiate without people moving. No disabled toilets signed and I couldn't get to them. No large print menu.



Couldn't see any signs and couldn't get to the toilets because it was all too tightly packed with tables



Rude and uninterested. They clearly didn't want us there and kept bashing my chair as they walked past.

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Avoid this place!

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