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A bit about us

Euan’s Guide is a charity, we provide a website where people can share useful disabled access information to help remove some of the fear that can come with visiting somewhere new. 

We were founded by Euan MacDonald, a powerchair user, and his sister Kiki. Euan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2003 and he found a lack of disabled access made everyday experiences stressful. By using disabled access reviews to break down the barriers of exclusion with the help of other people in the same situation, we hope to give everyone the freedom to explore. 

Image of Euan MacDonald

Accessible toilets

We’re passionate about accessible toilets and Changing Places toilets as without access to these facilities so many people can’t safely take part in activities. 

Toilet talk

We ask people to talk about toilets in their review for that very reason. It is great when people also share a photo of the accessible toilet or Changing Places toilet in their review to help people decide whether or not they should visit that particular venue. Far too often we come across accessible toilets that are poorly designed or cluttered which can make them inaccessible. 

If you visit somewhere with an accessible toilet or Changing Places facility then we’d love to hear about it!

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Red Cord Cards

Red emergency cords are an important safety feature found in accessible toilets. They are designed to be a way for people to call for help, yet far too often they are tied up out of reach or cut too short, which prevents them from being used by someone who requires assistance.

Image of a Red Cord Card attached to a red emergency cord in a toilet

We developed a simple solution to stop the misuse of Red Cord Cards. We designed a small, splash proof card which is designed to be attached to red emergency cords and remind everyone how the cords should be left. We give out the cards free of charge to individuals who spread the message by adding the cards to every cord they come across up and down the country. To find out more about our Red Cord Cards or to order your own follow the link below.

Red Cord Cards