Picture of Gloucester Cathedral. Picture of Gloucester Cathedral.

Birth place of the world-renowned poet and composer Ivor Bertie Gurney, the beautiful city of Gloucester has some special venues. The city, located in the south-west of England, near the Welsh border, is known for its 11th century Gloucester Cathedral. Which is said to have one of the oldest and largest stained-glass windows in the world!

Below are reviews of places around Gloucester.

Rugby anyone?

This venue is not just for rugby fans. The Kingholm rugby grounds holds events such as comedy nights to networking events. A review on Euan’s Guide says: ‘The disabled access at Kingholm rugby ground is good. When you have your ticket and members of staff will escort you to your seat.’ The review has also said that the staff were very helpful: ‘staff at Kingsholm rugby excellent they help you with any issues you may have.’

A great place to read!

The Gloucester Library has been given a 3.5 star review on Euan’s Guide! The review has highly praised the accessibility of the Library: ‘The access to the library is good as there is an automatic door that opens. There is also ample space to move around in my wheelchair especially when I want to turn around. Shelves are also accessible comfortably from my wheelchair. Carousels make it easier to select CDs.’ The review also tells us that staff were willing to provide assistance.

Picture of a row of books.

Why not try the climbing centre?

The Warehouse is a climbing centre that has said to have good access overall. A reviewer has told us that the lift is small, meaning that only one chair can go up at a time but that the staff were incredibly kind and helpful. The Warehouse, Climbing Centre was given 3 stars on Euan’s Guide.

A place to eat

Why not stop by at Caffe Coretto, situated on Gloucester Quay. The café has been described as a “wheelchair accessible café,” from a review on Euan’s Guide. The review has told us that the staff are very helpful and that they “willingly held open the entrance door and moved a chair to make space for the wheelchair.” Caffe Coretto was given 4 stars on Euan’s Guide!

Picture of a cup of coffee and biscuits.


Euan’s Guide received a review of Stagecoach buses in Gloucester. The review on Euan’s Guide said: ‘I was very impressed with the customer service provided by Peter Allen, the training coordinator at Stagecoach… they take into consideration all aspects of disability whether this be physical or mental.’ The review also says that getting the gentleman’s wheelchair on and off the bus ‘was fairly easy, it was slightly tight to the door of the bus but apart from that there was plenty of space.’ The review told us that the bus driver was considerate: ‘the driver made sure I was in a safe position before driving the bus.’ 

Picture of a wheelchair user going up a ramp onto the bus.

Fun fact about Gloucester! There are scenes from Harry Potter that have been shot in the Gloucester Cathedral. See picture below.

Picture of the inside of Gloucester Cathedral.

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Last updated - October 2017