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Wicked - Audio Described

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Audio Described

The Apollo Victoria have Wi-Fi based system called Mobile Connect.

Anyone using this system will be able to hear a live feed of the performance on stage (with Audio Description if attending an Audio Described performance) through a headset or directly through their hearing aids from wherever they are sat throughout the auditorium. If you are listening through hearing aids, please request a neck loop.   

Connect to the Mobile Connect Wi Fi network once inside the auditorium on arrival and make sure that your data is switched off and your phone is on silent and in Airplane mode. Mobile Connect still works in Airplane mode and this ensures any mobile noise will not disturb others. 

You can use your own device or our venues have a limited number of devices and headphones available for use. 

Book online via the ATG Access Scheme https://www.atgtickets.com/access/

Contact the accessible booking line on 0333 009 5399 or email the Access box office directly apollovictoriaaccess@theambassadors.com 

Typetalk 18001 0333 009 5399

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