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The museum has good overall access. Founded in 1689 The Ashmolean is probably one of the oldest museums. It has a very diverse range of artefacts dating right back to 8000 BCE to the present day. And the exhibit I wanted to see most was Alfred's Jewel - a beautifully constructed jewel with small detailed work made in a time when savage wars were raging across the world. The Ashmolean offers an enjoyable day out with lots to learn and see. It also boasts good eating in the basement cafe to fine dining in the rooftop restaurant too!

Transport & Parking


The Ashmolean Museum does not have a dedicated car park. Instead there are three disabled parking bays on the road outside the main entrance with further disabled parking bays dotted about on various roads nearby. This means that finding parking is a bit of a pot luck affair. I was very lucky in find a free disabled parking bay outside the museum when I visited. From the museums website: There are 3 spaces directly outside the Museum, 3 more opposite the Museum close to the Randolph Hotel, 2 spaces on St Giles and 1 space on St John's Street.



Disabeld access is good overall with ramps up to the main doors. However, I was surprised to find that the main doors had automatic door opening buttons but when I pressed these they did not work. Instead the automatic doors had been replaced with standard manual doors with quite strong return arms on them, not easy when your in a wheelchair. This said I found the rest of the museum was widely accessible and managed to get to every one of the exhibits that I wanted to see.



The toilets were fairly clean but unfortunately not very big. They proved a very tight squeeze for myself and my carer to get into and use successfully. We ended up feeling like sardines by the end of the day.



The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They informed me where I needed to go to get to the various collections and helped me with the lifts too.

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The lifts are small. With door openings just over 32 inches wide my powerchair fitted but I had to gingerly reverse out of the lifts every time I used them. Thankfully I didn't run anyone over!

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