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Bolton Town Centre

Bolton Town Hall, Bolton, BL1 1RU, United Kingdom | Website


A very friendly town centre


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


While not all of the shops are accessible, everyone is so friendly and helpful you don't really even notice the shops you can't make it into half of the time (or I don't!) Be sure to check out the market, for fresh meat and fish, fruit and veg - cheapest place around for these items.

Transport & Parking


Not very much disabled parking available in the town centre, there are some multi-storeys but not all of these are suitable for wheelchair vans. Bus station at the moment has very bad pavementing, dropped kerbs are not lowered enough in some places and steep slopes. Hopefully this won't be a problem when they build the new one!



Many shops in older buildings still have steps (Accessorize, £-Stretcher etc.) and some that have ramps are too steep to climb in a manual wheelchair without help as you tip over backwards. Some shops are far too cramped for anything larger than a wheelchair and you would struggle if you needed to stay on board a scooter (BHS, WHSmith, The Works etc). Some stores like Primark though are very good and even provide accessible tills, Morrissons are very good and have always helped me greatly. So overall a bit hit and miss.



There are not really very many of these considering the size of the town centre. These are the ones I know of: There is one in M&S (not locked), there is one in the Health Centre on Ashburner street (not locked), two in the Market place shopping centre one of which has a RADAR lock. There is a changing places facility at Bolton One which is a bit of a trek from the shops if you're desperate.



Staff are generally very good throughout Bolton, especially pleased with the staff at Morrissons though. Passers-by in the town are also very helpful and very willing if you need to ask for anything, friendly people.

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Beautiful town hall for those interested in looking at listed buildings.

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