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Bolton Town Centre

Bolton Town Hall, Bolton, BL1 1RU, United Kingdom | Website


Bolton Town


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Bolton is so wheelchair friendly in the town centre. It is difficult for me to think of a shop I can't get into. There are four disabled toilets in town. Cromwell Centre, Market Place, Library and the NHS walk in centre. I love living here as it encourages independence which I was in fear of losing when I first went into the wheelchair.

Transport & Parking


There is a lot of disabled parking in and around the town centre. In front of the library, outside the theatre and in the pay car park. The service on our local buses is the best as I have never had any problems getting on or off. We also have a free bus that does a circuit route around town.



I can recommend the shops in Bolton as there are very few I can't get in and the are the smaller paper shops or the older food shops. But, you can get in and around no problem and our market is just as accessible.



I have given three and a half stars as the toilet in the library is a bit tricky to maneuver into and some may not manage. But the others are wide enough and very clean.



The staff in any shop are always helpful and patient with everyone, all you have to do is ask.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

Don't drive past Bolton, come on in and see it for yourself. Its a small town centre but on a sunny day its a great place to be when you want to wander on your own. Also you can see the most beautiful Victorian Buildings that are often used in films, TV show and ads. The latest was Sylvester Stallon running up our town hall steps in a Warburton ad. The Library can be seen in Peaky Blinders.

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