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British Museum.


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The accessible entrance is found at the back of the museum by Russell Square. The security tent to check bags has ramps but they are not sturdy enough for wheelchair users, so wheelchairs are directed around a level path to security guards on the door who check your bag. They will also open the doors for you, which a manual, very wide double doors that are easy to get through. The smooth floors and wide spaces are perfect for wheelchair access. The lift to all floors can be found to the left of the entrance, & staff will direct you to it. The lift is slow but large enough to take two wheelchairs at a time. The galleries are all smooth and spacious, with many of the exhibits being at the right height for children and thus wheelchair users. Platform lifts and ramps are there for areas up small flightas of steps. Only the gift shop has any tight corners or narrow gaps for the wheelchair. There are British Museum wheelchairs for people who can’t walk all the way around the venue as it is unbelievably giant. The tours are also accessible, with the tour guides being enthusiastic, knowledgeable, & very accommodating. The staff in general are very friendly & helpful, providing any assistance needed almost immediately.

Transport & Parking


There are bus stops & taxi ranks nearby, but accessible tube stations are further away.





Accessible toilets can be found on all floors. They are clean, spacious, and provide excellent grab rails. I am not aware if any have full changing facilities or not.




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