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Overall the British museum provided a good day out. The only let down was that the cafe on the second floor was not accessible to wheelchair users unless a member of staff was notified, who then led me through a locked door into dimly lit corridors and then into a 1000kg lift with reduced 31 inch width opening to go up 2 levels. We eventually emerged into the cafe through the cafe kitchen. Thankfully it looked clean! If I was to go again I would use the restaurant on the 3rd floor. It has much better access but is a bit more pricy.

Transport & Parking


Flat step free disabled parking. Ring the British Museum before hand on the number on their website for access to disabled parking right by the museum main entrance via Great Russell Street. There is a 500kg open platform hydraulic lift from the parking level up to the main entrance. There were two of these lifts - one either side of the main entrance - but only one was working on the day.



Disabled access was good. I followed the Tour 1 route which had plenty of ramps provided to see the statues on display. I enjoyed my visit and would recommend it to anyone who fancies indulging in a bit of culture for the day. I cannot rate the whole museum as good as I did not visit all of the museum on the day.



The disabled toilets I used were adequate for space and facilities - grab handles etc. Unfortunately I didn't see a disabled toilet with hoist or showering facilities. The toilets I used on the day were quite grubby and would have benefited from a good clean.



Museum staff were helpful and polite. Directing me to disabled toilets and lifts when I needed them. Staff in the cafe carried my food to the table and asked if I needed any further help.

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