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The British Museum: A Disabled Person’s Review


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Mobility Scooter


I had a great time and it will definitely give the children lots of positive memories. The most important thing is once I realised I could use my Walker for short periods, and my scooter as a much needed back up, it was brilliant. I actually felt like a ‘normal’ mum visiting the museum - with the added benefit of amazing parking!

Transport & Parking


Honestly the parking was amazing! We parked right on the forecourt with the British Museum building next to us. They opened these gates that I have been through lots of times but have never seen opened before. We parked right outside. You do need to organise parking in advance but this is easily done on the museum’s website. NB The museum is having some temporary work (it wasn't when I visited) but I have been assured parking has been thought about and it is only temporary - see their website for further details.



To get into the museum there are lots of steps - which I was worried about. However, right next to the simply amazing parking is a little discreet lift that I'd not noticed before. From there it's on the flat so easy although it was rather busy (well , I suppose it was going to be). Getting around with my scooter and my Walker was no problem at all. I had a Walker carrier made by this great charity called Remap. Having a Walker carrier made all the difference because I hated being stuck on the scooter. Once I realized it was far easier to use the scooter to get places, then park it and use my Walker I was off and really enjoyed myself. The only thing that was a pain was the lift (that we found from/to Egyptian exhibits) was rather small and we had to remove my basket from my scooter to fit. However, I did fit and I don't suppose that there is much the museum can do about that particular lift’s size!



I won't go into a lot of detail - it's a toilet. I worry a lot about going to places in case the disabled toilets are awful. Luckily this one wasn’t. It had the grab rails you would expect and it is quite spacious.



The people on the gates were very nice and guided us to our parking spot ( which was amazing), otherwise I didn't really come across any staff. Since visiting, I have asked some more questions for my blog and this review, they have always been really helpful.


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