Craigmillar Castle Craigmillar Castle

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Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4SY, United Kingdom | 0131 661 4445 | Website

Craigmillar Castle is my favorite castle.


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Craigmillar Castle is my favorite castle. Not easy to navigate, but amazing views and lovely corners to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Transport & Parking


One disabled parking space, against the wall of the visitor centre - no hatched space to the right, so a mobility impaired driver would have to reverse into the space to be able to get out with ease.



This is really a yes and no. There is a ramp into the visitor centre and onto the castle grounds. However, access into the castle itself is blocked by a 10 cm high step, which could quite easily be retrofitted with an on and off ramp to give access to the castle court. Big plus for Historic Scotland though - they provide an access guide for their properties:



Good space, a heavy wheel chair might get stuck in the grass on approach to the toilets.



I have not needed mobility help on my visit, but the staff was very friendly and approachable.

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