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Cruise Ships

Cunard Road, Southampton, SO14 3QN, United Kingdom


Overall review of cruising with impairments



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Long Cane, Symbol Cane, Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter


Large cruise ships are becoming very good at accommodating cruisers with impairments. I avoid using the term "disabled" as I find cruising is a good example of how the Social Model of disability works in practice. I have limited mobility, 10 to 20 yards with crutches, and use a mobility scooter. On the whole ships are so well laid out I can go anywhere at any time without having to think about access. I can get to dinner, buffet, coffee shops, bars, theatre etc etc by jumping on the scooter at the bottom of my bed. There are a number of accessible cabins with wet rooms and all required rails. You must be able to take your chair or scooter into your cabin. You cannot park in corridors. Therefore most of the time booking an accessible cabin is essential. SOME COMPANIES HAVE RELAXED THIS RULE SO ONE CAN LEAVE SCOOTER BY LIFT TO CHARGE. PHONE AND CHECK.

Transport & Parking


Cruise ship parking my be at the dock or valet parking off site. Whatever is on offer if you let the line know you are disabled they will meet you at your car and take luggage from you. We sometimes leave the car with friends and use Transmobility, a specialist company with a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate most chairs, scooters and their travel companions.



Disabled cruisers get priority booking and you can book assistance to get you on board. Once on board the world is your oyster. Disembarking at ports is well supported. Where a tender is used you must be able to transfer from ship to tender. Staff will help steady you. They cannot be expected to take large mobility chairs and scooters on the tenders but will do their best to accommodate you. You need to be assertive when being taken up the gangway. Staff are helpful but more used to moving 'stuff' rather than people. You may not want to be tipped backwards or manhandled in your chair. Should you require lifts, hoists, chairs, special beds, Mobility at Sea can arrange to have them delivered to your cabin.



There are accessible toilets on all decks of the big ships, they are spacious and have rails. You are always advised to use the loo in your cabin for convenience and hygiene. Wet rooms in accessible cabins are well appointed with shower seats and rails. Ask for a rubber bath mat for extra security. You can request toilet risers and bath seats in standard cabins. A friend we cruise with has poor balance and she prefers the standard cabin with less room around the bed and a pod-type shower as she says she does not have so far to fall.



Staff are friendly and helpful and will do what they can to assist. On a couple of occasions my scooter has suffered a malfunction and engineers have effected a temporary repair to see me through the cruise. If you can get out of your chair be very clear as to how far you can walk as on occasion we have been marched the length of a very long dining room.

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RCL have relaxed their requirement to have your power chair/scooter in your cabin. It can't be left in the corridors for safety reasons but you may be able to leave it and charge it near the lifts. Thus you could book a standard cabin. Vision impaired people are usually required to travel with a companion. Check when booking.


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