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Heathrow Airport

The Compass Centre, London, TW6 2GW, United Kingdom | 0844 335 1801 | Website


Heathrow terminal one, access for wheelchair users at Heathrow airport


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You access at Heathrow terminal one for disabled users is very good because it's very spacious and they have very good signage for us to know where the lists at terminal one out very big as well see you could get three for possibly five or jazz analyst at once

Transport & Parking


I went by car to get to Heathrow it is a 45 to 50 minutes journey to the airport. There is disabled parking at Heathrow airport in the car park with quite a few spaces and you're able to get space very often.



The disabled access at Heathrow airport is pretty good as it's very spacious and has lots of signs for us to get to know where we are. However I was not allowed to take my electric chair to the gate when I was told at the start of my journey so I had to use one of the airports chairs



The disabled toilet at Heathrow airport is okay as it has two handrails at either side, however it is also a baby changing room so you can get quite small with the other equipment in there.



The staff were ok when we arrived, but when I was told that I was not allowed to take my electric chair to the gate my I was very unhappy. When they brought the airport chair the staff member who pushed me around was amazing. He told me everything that he was doing and was very friendly and funny.

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