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Lychee Oriental

59 Mitchell Street, Glasgow, G1 3LN, United Kingdom | 0141 248 2240 | Website

Lovely little restaurant for a Chinese Meal


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Visited Lychee Oriental for the first time the other day, and it was such a lovely little restaurant. Located on Mitchell Street in Glasgow, it's a relatively flat wheel if your already in the City Centre. There is a ramp upon entry into the place which could be flatter, it has a couple of lips in it and if you fail to notice them you might get stuck, the door upon entry also opens towards you, so if you are alone this may present a challenge. Once inside we were seated at the long table by the door due to our party size and it was a great spot to enjoy food and also people watch outside. The food was fantastic, portion sizes were just right and also very reasonably priced. Staff were really attentive and helpful, I'd definitely visit again.

Transport & Parking


If you are already in Glasgow City Centre, then the restaurant is wheel-able distance for me, I was near Central Station before going there and it was a relatively flat wheel there and back, because it is Glasgow City Centre there is no parking nearby, I would recommend getting a taxi if you can't wheel/walk there.



There is a ramp on entry to the restaurant this has a slight couple of lips in so you may get stuck if you've not got foresight of these, the door also opens towards you, it may be difficult for you to get in if you are alone. Once inside we were situated at the long table by the door and I slotted in just fine onto the end of the table. There are tables further in if you have a smaller party size that you'll be able to be seated at. Menus were also a good size with easy to read font.



Can't comment on this as didn't use the bathroom facilities at all. Will ask next time I'm there and update accordingly.



Staff were very attentive and helpful.

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