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Amazingly accessible theatre - a great place to visit


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


I've been to the National Theatre before - but had forgotten how good the access is! Everything from parking to the lifts to the loos - and most importantly the auditorium and the great view from the accessible seats was ace!

Transport & Parking


Great! You can park right underneath the National Theatre and there are lifts to take you directly to the different floors. The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that you're supposed to be able to take your Blue Badge and your ticket to a desk to get them stamped to get out of the car park for free. But when we were leaving there was no one manning any of the desks. We asked a member of bar staff but they unfortunately couldn't help. Public transport wise - it's really near to Waterloo so convenient place to get to too.



Amazing!! I was with a powerchair user and we wheeled right into the auditorium with no fuss whatsoever. We had seats all in a row with a decent sized wheelchair space. Our spot was at the back of the auditorium and we had great sightlines. We had been to the bar beforehand - there are several on different levels. There is a variety of seating options so you can be flexible too. We had been on the Southbank before hand and the National Theatre is very easy to find and easy to get into. The signage around the venue is great too - to all the different auditoriums etc.



Clean, tidy and spacious.



Super helpful - nothing is any drama - and they make the whole process pretty seamless. They don't bat an eyelid when they notice one of their customers is a wheelchair user - in a good way!! - which shows their training must be spot on!

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Would definitely recommend the National Theatre as a venue - whether for a show or even to pop in for food or drink.

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