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I've visited the theatre several times in the last few years with my assistance dog. There is always extra space for her in the wheelchair aisle and staff are very attentive and friendly. We could not want for anything more. There are also staff who will look after a guide or other assistance dog if the owner requires it. The only tiny niggle I would say is that sometimes I have had staff be a little overwhelming in their desire to take care of my assistance dog or their worry that she is going to be frightened by the performance (which she never has, i wouldn't bring her if she was !) - which can come across as a little pushy and a little bit "I know better than you" at times. I am aware that they will take care of such a dog but I do not want to take advantage of this service and say so firmly. Unfortunately I have often had to say "no thank you" several times in the same visit to the same staff members. My advice to them would be, please accept it if a guide dog owner declines your offer of taking the dog. We know our dogs best, and those who want to take advantage of the offer will say so when you ask the first time. And those who don't will say so when first asked. It's not necessary to try and push the issue. My advice for anyone visiting with an assistance dog who *doesn't* want to take advantage of this offer is to be firm and polite and not be persuaded if you don't want to. Eventually the staff will get the idea. ;) This is a very minor point though and is not something that would put me off visiting in any way. Otherwise the venue is excellent, friendly, attentive and the audio descriptions are very detailed and entertaining. We always have a great time when we visit (myself and my dog both !)

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Many thanks for your comments and very constructive criticism which we'll certainly take on board and address in staff training. We hope to be proactive in offering assistance but fully appreciate that this can easily become pushy if taken to excess. We're really grateful you took the trouble to share your experiences and hope your future visits will be even more enjoyable.

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