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One Square

1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR, United Kingdom | 0131 221 6422 | Website


Great accessible restaurant


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Spacious restaurant with great food and very friendly staff!

Transport & Parking


The restaurant is within Sheraton Hotel, which has two entrances. One entrance on Lothian Road and a second entrance off the Western Approach Road. There are good bus links along Lothian road from across Edinburgh, there is also a taxi rank on Festival Square, parking is also available at the Western Approach Road entrance and taxis can also drop off here too.



I entered via the Western Approach Road entrance, from here you can take a lift up to the first floor and then go along to the restaurant which is on the Festival Square side of the hotel. There are wide corridors with plenty of space, on the way to the restaurant from this entrance you will pass the accessible toilet. In the restaurant itself, it's very spacious with plenty of room to move around - no cramming in lots of tables here!! There are booth style tables with fixed seating and chairs, as well as standard tables with removable chairs.



The accessible toilet is just outside of the restaurant in the hotel (with the other toilets), it's spacious, clean and has grab rails.



Very friendly and super helpful. A member of staff is at the front of the restaurant and takes you to your seat, there are plenty of other staff to make sure you have an enjoyable meal and your table is given lots of attention.

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Great food with some great veggie options. They are also good at providing food for a range of dietary requirements.


Accessible toilet Entrance to restaurant from Western Approach Road side. Photo of the hotel One Square is inside.

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