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Gets busy but staff are very helpful


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Powerchair


Its pretty easy to get about as a wheelchair user apart from when its super busy (but that's the same for everyone). Staff were excellent, very attentive and took us into the show beforehand, offering us a choice of seating. They also offered our friend a seat while we queued for the show to start going in. Only gripe was the challenge finding the accessible loo as it wasn't very well sign posted and had flyers all over the door which made it very hard to spot!

Transport & Parking


Parking is very challenging, particularly in festival time. Nearest I think is George Square if you're lucky enough to find a space, or other option is Buccleuch street.



Access was very straightforward. Level access to get in and level or ramped to the Queen Dome (where we went) and to the bar areas, and accessible loo.



Toilet is fine although tends to be dirty. The challenge is finding it. The route is - head up to the main Bar area (on your right after you come into the Pleasance Dome area). Once at the Bar go through to doors at the right hand side of the bar and the accessible loo is on your right. It is camouflaged by flyers so can be hard to spot!



Excellent. Very attentive, anticipated our requirements. Really liked that we were taken in first and asked where we would like to sit. In the Queen Dome, wheelchair users are in the front row with an excellent view of the stage. Seating in in a U shape. You could ask to be at the front of one of the sides if you'd like to be nearer an exit.

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