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Pret A Manger

Victoria Station, London, SW1V 1JU, United Kingdom | 020 7932 5318 | Website


My wheelchair got damaged and I was lucky not to be seriously injured



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This is the branch of Prêt at the front of Victoria Station, facing the forecourt. There is a large step up into the shop. If you ring the doorbell, someone may notice you and fetch the wheelchair ramp. But the ramp is not fit for purpose - see below. My wheelchair was damaged by the ramp and on leaving the shop I was lucky not to sustain serious injury. Zero stars.

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If you're arriving at Victoria by train, you're likely to get ramp assistance (though it's very hit-and-miss at this station). Many buses will drop you off here. The District and Circle lines are completely inaccessible, the Victoria Line may become step-free later in 2017.



On arrival I asked for a wheelchair ramp. The member of staff brought a short, flimsy, lightweight fibre-glass ramp. See my photo below. In the course of using this ramp, I discovered that it is too small, too steep, too light, and NOT fit for purpose. When I attempted to enter the shop, the ramp kept slipping off the step and collapsing onto the pavement. I made several attempts to enter the shop. At my final attempt I did manage to enter the shop, but as I was crossing the threshold the ramp flipped up and smashed into the back panel of my wheelchair's battery housing, ripping the panel off. The panel is now broken, and I cannot fix it back properly. Getting this damage repaired will involve me in considerable expense. After having made my purchases I made several attempts to leave the shop using the ramp, but it kept either flipping up with a see-saw action, or sliding off the step onto the pavement. Eventually the member of staff had to engage a random member of the public to help her hold the ramp down, and I was able to use it, but the ramp is so short and so steep that I was flung forward on my descent and fell forwards out of my wheelchair. I was very lucky indeed not to sustain serious injury. I am very angry that my wheelchair has been damaged, and I am very angry that I was flung out of my wheelchair during these incidents. The wheelchair ramp used at this shop is clearly NOT fit for purpose and is exposing wheelchair users to discomfort and serious danger, and their wheelchairs to damage. This ramp must be replaced IMMEDIATELY with one that is fit for purpose. Meanwhile wheelchair users should avoid this branch at all costs.



N/A, it's a very small branch. There are two accessible toilets within Victoria Station, though one of them is usually broken or out of service, often for many weeks at a time.



The staff have not provided a wheelchair ramp that is fit for purpose, and did not grasp the seriousness of the incidents I have described above.


Step Too short, too steep sadly not fit for purpose. On my second visit I was not even able to get inside

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