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Pret A Manger

173 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NA, United Kingdom | 020 7932 5224 | Website


A very disappointing experience



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Disappointing on many counts. Step-free entrance locked, no tables suitable for wheelchair users, the way to the toilet blocked by large packing boxes.

Transport & Parking


Victoria Station is very nearby. If you're arriving at Victoria by train, you're likely to get ramp assistance (though it's very hit-and-miss at this station). Many buses will drop you off here. The tube is completely un-accessible - a disgrace for such a major London transport hub.



This branch of Prêt has several entrances, and one of them is step-free. Great! But when I visited, it was locked. So I had to wave at someone inside to let me in. Luckily a friendly customer sprang to my assistance and unlocked the door for me. It would have been better, and friendlier, if the staff hadn't locked it. There are no tables anywhere in this branch suitable for wheelchair users. All tables and shelves are much too high. Altogether a very disappointing experience.



There is an accessible toilet. At first I was unable to access it at all because the staff had piled a huge number of cardboard packing boxes and a metal-framed object in the short corridor leading to the toilet. They removed these objects, which took some time, before I was able to gain access to the toilet. I was also dismayed to find that the lighting in the toilet was broken. So the staff had resorting to opening the door to the adjacent store room to light the toilet. This is hardly ideal. Why not just fix the lighting?



Although the staff were sweet and friendly, they seem to have a blank area where their disability awareness should be, and they don't seem to have had any training about the Equality Act 2010 and the obligations it imposes on them, and on the company as a whole.

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This was my second bad accessibility experience with Prêt in under a week.

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