Red Cord Cards

Illustration of Red Cord Cards.

What is a Red Cord Card?

Red Cord Cards are a great addition to any accessible loo. They help to show the importance of leaving emergency red cords untied and easy to reach.

How do they work?

The cards easily slide onto emergency red cords in accessible loos, and they'll stay there for all to see! They're small enough to carry in a pocket or bag which means you can attach one anytime you see a tied up red cord.

Where can I get some?

We'd love to send you some Red Cord Cards! You can request some here >>

Did you know...

We translated our first Red Cord Card in 2015. That's right, to celebrate World Toilet Day 2015, we had a Welsh Red Cord Card created for the Welsh Assembly!

In under one year we distributed over 10,000 Red Cord Cards! That number is now over 50,000...

They even have their own hashtags. Tweet us pictures of your Red Cord Cards in action using #RedCordCard, #RedCordCards or #SetTheCordsFree!